Vital Stats


I write because I am compelled to create ideas and visions with words.

My family consists of one amazing and long-suffering woman whom I will never deserve but is okay with that, one tempestuous and tender little girl, one agent of chaos in potty-training, and one baby with an epic name and soul.

I write for my children, that they would know the goodness of God and the beauty of the Gospel.  My gift to you, Nadia, Malakai, and Perseus, is a poor one – truth and love wrapped up in a finite box of letters – but one that I pray leaves a legacy in your hearts.

I write stories and poetry because truth seems to hit home more deeply when it’s incognito – in the guise and garb of something pedestrian, like a daily life, or squiggly lines on a blank page, or bread and wine, or a baby who is actually the King of the Universe.

I also blog with a bunch of talented artists over at, about the intersections of art and faith.

I’ve been published here and here.  The first is an original short play, premiered December 2016 at Moody Bible Institute’s annual Christmas event. The second is a liturgy for Good Friday, published January 2017 by Reformed Worship.

But this blog is for musings, writings, poems, prayers, liturgies, and most of all – stories. I have stories to tell, like all of us.  I would love to hear yours.