that postmodern crap.


They say we should starve ourselves
for faith. Or rather they wonder why
we don’t because they’re doing it.
See, I’m a grain of sand on the tongue,

and it irritates these oysters when
I stick in their throat. There’s a story
about this somewhere in there, that
place we don’t understand, about a pearl

and a wedding. I don’t remember the
reference, I just know it. Do you? It
wasn’t a rule, just a reality, the
kingdom of heaven built on tiny things

like eating too much and wasting re-
sources. He isn’t wearing any clothes but
that’s probably because they divided
them up by lot. They keep doing that. Non-

sense is a good word for it, yes,
thanks for that. I’ll keep using it. If
you name it, it’s yours, right? Non-
sense seems to be a better definition than

systematic, fundamental, evangelical. Faith
is not seen, but misunderstood, a viable
inviolable, I don’t but I do, I believe but
help my unbelief. I see Him do it so I eat

with sinners. I hear Him say it so I say
it too. He named me, so I am His. Somehow I
believe all this, and I don’t even under-
stand why or how it happened. Defining the

Definition of all things is foolish. Failures
are avenues for the perfection of grace.
So go ahead and line it all up. Maybe a pearl
can come from the irritant… but maybe not.

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