a leaf, taken


it’s liminal –
gathered family jewels
the sigh of relief
an unfinished blink
liquid embraces long withheld
pulling away + proximity
forms and figures tallying value
viewing by seeing or without
celebration decked in flowers, trimmed photos
taking the leaf to its zenith
an anointing of rain

down the beards of gardeners
preparing planting beds
over upturned cups
of umbrellas,
sweet across my cheek,

lifting us into a wilder earth
nails tapping to the wood and
the dampening dust on the lid
under the lids
all around the latch,
glancing, the beams with the particle
meteors plummeting

cooling density and the long sleep,
the long and faithful rest,
a new thing for each and
older than every other –
solitary, an epiphany;
en masse, an exultation of eyes.

(When the lid closes, stay
a while. When the lid opens,
enter, and cherish the entry.)

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