arbor day


We are two trees,
On a hill overlooking a lonely planet,
And our roots run deep to waters unseen but known to those who trust.

And by some serendipity,
We got planted nearby each other,
Transplanted, perhaps; grafted in…
And over these years of plenty and loss,
Our roots have grown deeper into this rich soil,
And our limbs and trunks have leaned inward and entwined,
A single soul, but distinct when it matters,
Flowered and flourishing,
With little saplings by its side.

Today is Arbor Day around the world,
People planting trees and caring little for their growth beyond the day and fleeting feeling.
The day matters little, yet matters all.
You and I are here where we’ve been for years now,
Resting in each other’s arms and watching the stars and our saplings,
And we are content, because we are one.
Somehow Someone granted us this place, and I’m stunned at the grace.
It’s something to celebrate, this tree-ness.

Grow with me, my darling,
Through the days and nights ahead.
Whether the sun kisses our crowns or darkness gathers round about,
Whether we are supple or creaky,
Naked in winter or clothed with the glory of spring,
Be with me.
We will grow for now,
And one day we will wake to the eternal dawn and be lifted, branches all,
Into His vine, together one.
Perhaps we’ll burst into bloom,
Petals mingling in the eternal dance.

I don’t think we’ll forget this hill or our oneness,
For forgetful hearts will be remade remembering,
And the warmth of this embrace against the cold of this night
Is not easy to forget.

(for my wife, Linnea, on Valentine’s Day 2017)

6 thoughts on “arbor day

  1. This is beautiful. Real love is beautiful, inspiring, and encouraging. I’m thankful to see my friends so happy and blessed, growing together through the seasons of life.


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