Am I pure?
The question is laughable.
I know I’m not.
I know the thoughts.
I know the inner walls of my heart:
Caked sins of the past,
Dark slime of the present,
And the ominous shadow of tomorrow.

Look inside me, O God.
You see.
You know.
Why would you put in front of me
An ideal I will never reach?
Maybe the mindset is wider and longer.
Or maybe You mean to drive me
By the sheer weight of my impurity
Into your arms.

May be what I long for,
And what I need,
But it is not what I have,
And the weight of a day
(More often than not)
Outweighs the weight of glory even when it’s a good one.
Is this wrong of me to say?
It’s the truth.

So I come crawling back to a Love I know
The arms of the One who forgives,
Each evening,
And as the dark falls round my empty heart
I rest in Your blood-soaked Purity,
Tested, tried, near.
And I am made clean.

You lift my stain from me
As if it were but a garment,
And not my nature.
And in these fractured streetlights
Painted on these broken walls
Of this small place,

I see You.

This can’t be just me.

My whole life will be
The asking and answering of the question: why?
And the collapse of a broken soul
Into You.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”
Matthew 5:8

(Liturgical poetry for the Sundays between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday is inspired by the Beatitudes, Matthew 5:3-12. Photo by Linnea Wheeler.)

inherit the wind
count my bones
let me be
careful of the cut

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