What is this inheritance?

This broken palace.
The pillars of this weary world are groaning
under the weight of our corporate sin.
The floor is cracked clean through
by the boots of conquerors and tyrants.
The walls were built to hold our demons at bay,
now riddled with bullets of our own making.
What have we made of this?

We are your children,
Wearing ragged paper crowns and messing around in the mud,
Slinging snide comments and wielding worldviews
Shouldn’t we be soaring on wings as eagles?
Living triumphant happy lives?
Chasing souls with passion?
We are the church, and we are not the heirs we wish to be,
We are more paupers than princes.

But we are here,
And we call on your name,
The Name that called us first,
Out from ourselves,
The Name that revives our dying souls,
The Name that renews us again,
and again,
and again,
and again,
and again
And makes us:

And we:
Whole and holy heirs with/in/through Christ
Share also in your inheritance of pain:
Such scars on arms outstretched
To embrace the sick and sinful
Such tears wept,
Such blood-sweat,
And even just the callouses worn from all that walking-
You. You of Heaven and You of Earth,
A dusty Savior, a flesh-wrapped Birth.

And You know this ruined palace well
And You know what You will make of it.
Just as You know Your children,
And what You will make of us.

What is this love?
That bestows on kings and queens of questionable bloodline
Of the sort that breaks captive’s chains, and releases from fears,
And ushers us into your family.
This, this is a weight of a glory
That will crush our sufferings underfoot,
And break gravestones in Easter explosion.

This is final and this is true:
Our full inheritance is You.

(delivered by Gracie Ericson at Moody’s Founder’s Week 2017)

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