(Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12)

Gather your mighty
And come, you nations.
This is He who is
Mightier than armies,
Jealous as the deep,
Our all-consuming fire,
And it’s time for His diaper change.

Offer your gifts
And wonder, all people.
This is He who is
Gentle as a morning rain,
Merciful as sleep,
Affectionate as the kiss,
See Him discover His toes.

Bow down before Him,
And worship, you kings,
He is
Brighter than galaxies of suns,
More terrible than time,
Enduring as eternity; see!
He drools as He brings in teeth.

By your grace, O Christ,
May we
Crown Your cradle cap with gold,
Anoint Your angel’s kiss with incense,
Prepare Your chubby body for burial,
And kiss your tiny toes.
This is baby God:
Overcome us with Your paradox,
Overjoy us in Your presence.

Jesus Christ, Word made Flesh,
In you, love and faithfulness meet together;
Righteousness and peace kiss each other.
Draw us to you this day.

Suggested Hymn: As with Gladness

(from “Come As a Child: A Christmastide Devotional,” prayers by Pastor Mark van Stee)

Christmastide 1: Crush
Christmastide 2: Sift
Christmastide 3: Flicker
Christmastide 4: Spill
Christmastide 5: Stifle
Christmastide 6: Squall
Christmastide 7: Plunge
Christmastide 8: Kiss
Christmastide 9: Burst

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