Advent 7: Plunge


Terrify us with joy,
As you did some random shepherds once.
They never saw it coming – this sudden plunge of golden light,
Heaven’s gotcha moment.

“Boo! HA! Guess what? He’s here.
But seriously, don’t be afraid.
There is no moral checklist
Or theological expertise needed
To party hard at the break of Good News.”

There’s glee in doxology
And rhythm in righteousness.
Willing hearts will always dance.

Bring us the flash and shout
Of such joy this season
In the parties of the wintertime,
In hilarity and warmth,
In eruptions of flavor and color,
In hideous old sweaters,
In cherished, stupid traditions,
And off-tune carols sung from happy and heavy hearts united:

That we would forget our pain for a moment and would see beyond it,
And ache for heavenly revelry:
Festivity-splendor and feasting forever.

(inspired by lesson 7: Luke 2:8-16)

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