(Scripture: Isaiah 9:2-7)

From the pit you ordain praise,
And light lifts up our heads, like gates
Revealed: unveiled faces,
Bent, upward to your Word.

We light candles and flicker in the black,
Wavering pinpricks during the darkest of the year.
You too once lit a candle, a smoldering wick of a Boy,
Who fell into hell
And set the world on fire.

Purest Zealot,
Counsel us in this Wonder,
Baptize us in this Peace,
Educate us in your Might, and
Govern us in the weight of this Glory.

Jesus Christ, Word made Flesh,
May our lives be a reflection of your radiance.
May our feeble flicker lead others to your glorious light

Suggested Hymn: Of the Father’s Love Begotten

(from “Come As a Child: A Christmastide Devotional,” prayers by Pastor Mark van Stee)

Christmastide 1: Crush
Christmastide 2: Sift
Christmastide 4: Spill
Christmastide 5: Stifle
Christmastide 6: Squall
Christmastide 7: Plunge
Christmastide 8: Kiss
Christmastide 9: Burst

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