Advent 1: Crush


In the cool of day we hide
Behind festive scarves and woolen hats
Behind smiling faces and curated holiday greetings.
We make garments for ourselves out alms to the poor,
Jingles in the coffee cup, gifts to family members,
But our shame is showing.

Where are we?
What have we done?
And we blame-shift and dig rifts and point fingers at societal serpents,
Anything to absolve,
Anything to cover,
Anything to solve the problem we are.
Problems don’t solve problems, and the venom runs too deep to drain.

So slay us, mighty Infant,
Crush the heads of our coiling masters.
Come, Snake-Slayer, and heal;
Be struck,
And like the tower bell,
Rain beauty in your ring.

(inspired by lesson 1: Genesis 3:8-19)

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